Sep 11 2018

Hurricane Preparedness Info!


Dear Clients and Friends,

As hurricane Florence approaches the Atlantic Coast to our north, it serves us as a reminder that the hurricane season is back in full effect and that we should be prepared. Of course, we hope for this season to be quieter than the last 2 years, but that being said, let’s learn from our past experiences and tackle this new storm season as prepared as we can. With that in mind, here are a few tips for you as the pet parent:

  1. Stock up on your pet’s food, litter and medication now. Don’t wait until the last minute! You should have enough to last you an additional 1-2 weeks. This includes medications that your pet may need to travel. Also, have plenty of cleaning supplies and disinfectants. You may not be able to walk your pets and accidents should be expected.
  2. Obtain vaccine records now for all of your pets, particularly if they are traveling with you. It may be necessary in order to board your pets elsewhere during an evacuation, or even to stay in a hotel with them. Make a list of hotels with pet friendly policies within your evacuation route.
  3. If in a pinch and in need of vaccine records, you can access your pet portal through our website: . You can login using your email and your password, or you can create an account by using the email address on file at the clinic and the password of your choosing. We would recommend that you make sure your account is set up and your passwords up to date, prior to needing this information.
  4. If your pet is not already, get them microchipped. If they are microchipped, make sure their chip is registered and the registration information is up to date. In the event you and your pet get separated, a microchip gives you the best chance at being reunited. If your pet is microchipped but you are not sure if they are registered, you can register them at: . You will just need the microchip number. A registration fee may apply.
  5. Get your carriers and crates out and ready for traveling and/or housing. If your pet is not used to a crate or carrier, leave it out in a main area of your house with some usual toys and comfy blankets inside. Maybe even try feeding in the crate/carrier with the door open. This may help them adjust to the sights and smells prior to actually being forced to spend significant time in it, in the event of an evacuation. Make sure you have the appropriate size collars and leashes for all of your pets.
  6. Please note if an evacuation is called for, we will not be accepting any boarding pets. Our team will also be forced to evacuate with families and pets, and we won’t be able to care for our boarding friends. If your pet will be boarding with us during hurricane season, we will have a special contact form for you to fill out that would require an “in case of emergency” proxy to care for your pet. Please make sure your proxy is aware of this arrangement and is able to pick up and accommodate your pet in case of evacuation.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

We wish everyone a safe and uneventful hurricane season!

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